The Original Mod Wrap

The Modest Stand

We designed the Modest stand as a small, compact add on to any night table, end table, office or simply as a traveling item to take with you on the go.

Can accommodate 2-4 devices ( depending on size ), 2 attys ( not including more you can leave on the devices), wismec slot or small narrow device, 2 unicorn 60ml bottles or devices like the AIO, 2 slots for 120ml, 60ml or 30ml bottles, 4 batteries, 4 drip tips.

Measurements :  (7.5" x 4.5'' x 2.0'')

  • 1 large square slot ( 2-4 devices )
  • 1 Wismec DNA200, RX200 or RX200S slot
  • 2 slots for 60ml unicorn bottles or tube devices ( 24mm )
  • 2 slots for 120ml, 60ml or 30ml glass bottles (26650 batteries will fit).
  • 4 battery slots
  • 4 Drip tip Slots
  • 2 Tank Slots with 510 Threading (Any 510 tank will be able to be threaded.

The stand is very durable and will last a life time.
No glue was used to connect the top piece, made out of Marine grade material.