The Original Mod Wrap

Coil / Tools Station

The Coil Rebuild tool station (Ohm reader not included)

J-Wraps created a nice compact stand station for you to hold all your RBA-RDA coil building tools and supply.
Different slots to accommodate misc tools.

5 long slots - large tools
3 smaller square slots
5 round slots for screwdrivers, clapton wire tubes, etc

1 large round slot for 100ml bottle
1 round slot for 30ml bottle

1 510 threaded RBA/RDA adapter

1 rectangle slots - wire, cotton, etc

1 24mm round slot for your top cap ( while working on coil building )

2 drip tips slots

1 Large slot for misc items.

1 fitted CoilMaster 521 ohm checker slot (521 Ohm reader not included)
Silicon pads to prevent sliding

The stand is very durable and will last years. Not as fragile and scratch prone as plastic, acrylic, plexiglass or wood.

No glue was used to connect the top piece, made out of Marine grade material.


Category: Medium Stand

Type: Medium Stand