The Original Mod Wrap

3D illusion LED night light

3D illusion night light
Laser engraved, 3D effect image. will look great in any kids room or office. We have designs for all.
16 colors available controlled by remote control ( included ).
Main colors - Blue, Green, Red, White.
Others colors are variation of the base plus extras like yellow, purple, light blue, navy blue, light brown/bronze etc
The remote has a strobe, flash, fade and smooth light options.
Can turn on/off from different areas even as far as 15-20’.
Top is high quality USA made acrylic. The top piece is mounted into the base light and is removable and swappable. You can use the same base for different designs  in the future.
Base light
Acrylic top
Remote control with batteries.
Micro usb cable.
****The base can also use 3AA
batteries ( not included)
*** input voltage 5V
Output voltage 2W
Base size - 3.78” by 1.65”
Weight - about 7oz
Acrylic piece size will vary based on the design.
Fast same day shipping.
Made in North Carolina USA.